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Missionary Support Philosophy

Christ Fellowship Church is committed to the advancement of the Gospel through both local and international missionary endeavors. Consequently, we will consider the financial support of individuals and families engaged in such activities. Our priority of consideration, which may or may not affect the level of support, are as follows:

1) Christ Fellowship Church recognizes that its greatest responsibility in financial support belongs to those from within our congregation that have been called to missionary service. As the sending organization of such individuals and families we recognize that we serve as their primary support base, both financially and spiritually.

2) Christ Fellowship Church recognizes the need for missionaries to raise support in a relatively small geographical area. For this reason our second level of priority is for missionaries that have been raised up in area churches of like faith. In this we desire to partner with the sending church to help make it possible that Christians from the immediate area have opportunity to utilize their gifts in missionary service.

3) Christ Fellowship Church is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission—an association of churches working together to reach Montana and Northern Idaho with the Gospel. Hence our third priority will be extended to individuals and families (called to the mission field) from one of our mission churches that have approached us to partner with their home church for support.

4) Christ Fellowship Church recognizes that its own members may have
personal relationship with individuals and families that have been called to the mission field. It is our desire to join with them in the support of such people whenever possible. This presumes that such missionaries share our convictions about the gospel and the essentials of the faith, as well as their sending organizations.

Each person that request support from Christ Fellowship Church will be considered with these priorities in mind. No one will be accepted as a supporting missionary unless approval has been given by the entire board (including the elders) and the majority consensus of the congregation.

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